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Effortlessly export comments from YouTube videos, live streams, shorts, and community posts.
Perfect for YouTubers, social media managers, researchers, and curious minds alike.
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857,470,428+ comments downloaded
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Why choose us?

  1. No-code

    Our service is designed to be user-friendly. You don't need any programming knowledge to use our tool. With few clicks you can get a file you can upload to ChatGPT and analyze it.

  2. Time efficiency

    Fastest tool on the market, even 5000 comments in 1 minute. Ideal for social media managers and researchers who need to analyze large amount of comments.

  3. Generous limits

    All pre-paid and subscription plans come with generous download limits, providing you with more comments than any competitor. And for our Business plan, the sky's the limit!

  4. Versatile export options

    Save comments as HTML, CSV, or JSON. Open in browser, import directly into Excel or your preferred data analysis tool or use with AI model like GPT-4.

  5. Familiar look

    HTML exports are formatted in a style identical to YouTube's. Perfect for screenshots or for those who appreciate consistency!

  6. Bulk downloads

    Download comments from an entire playlist in one go. Our customers says it can handle 3,000 videos with 750,000 comments under 30 minutes.


Hear what our customers say

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  1. Carlos García

    Carlos García Filmmaker and Content Creator from USA

    Sorting through comments used to take hours, but now it's a breeze. It's like having my own personal assistant for gathering feedback.
  2. Amina Patel

    Amina Patel YouTuber and Entrepreneur from India

    Reading YouTube comments is now so easy. This tool helps me understand what my viewers want.
  3. Takumi Sato

    Takumi Sato Independent Animator from Japan

    This tool has been a game changer for me. I can quickly gather feedback and suggestions from viewers, making it feel like having a focus group at my fingertips.
  4. Nadia Bensaid

    Nadia Bensaid Vlogger and Travel Enthusiast from Morocco

    Managing YouTube comments has become enjoyable. This tool made it easy to download and organize comments, and my engagement has significantly improved.

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